Feed Leeds-constitution-5

Sample Constitution

Advice on growing

From Garden Organic: No Dig Gardening

Back to Front Manual here

Back to Front Community Guidelines booklet here

See also a huge number of downloadable files in the ‘Growing Vegetables’ section of the LESSN ‘Bookshelf‘ and of dozens of links on the Advice pages

Agreements, Licences and Rules

Feed Leeds’ Advice re Community Partnership Agreements (see below) Advice

Community Partnership Agreement (use this when you’re ready – NB see Advice note above first) template

Rules re bonfires (anywhere in Leeds) bonfires

Download – Highways Cultivation Licence

Download – Allotment Rules.

Download – Allotment Structure Rules.

Download – LCC presentation on contaminated land.

Volunteers and Groups

Recruiting Volunteers (from Parks) how to

Download – Volunteers and the Law (from Volunteering England)

Volunteers Health and Safety handbook

Safeguarding (requirement for all volunteers on LCC land) Guide

Data Protection guide


There is now a one stop shop for funding in Leeds: Funding Leeds

Food Strategy and Policy see the Leeds Food Partnership


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